Studio Policies




  • Students will receive a private lesson each week at their assigned time in a studio located within the Perrysburg Music Center.
  • The piano calendar is broken into four, 10-week sessions. Tuition for each session is due by the first lesson of that session.  If a student begins studying in the middle of the session, the amount due will be prorated.  I accept the following forms of payment: cash, paypal, or check (made out to either “Clint Fox” or “Fox Piano Studio”).
  • Lesson fees are as follows:
    •             30-minute lesson…..$23.00
    •              45-minute lesson…..$34.50
    •             60-minute lesson…..$46.00

(I’m sorry for the increase, but there was no increase last year and that darn inflation…)

  • Families with more than one child enrolled may spread the cost of tuition throughout the session. If you are interested in this option, just talk to me.
  • Please be on time for lessons. Because lessons are scheduled back-to-back, it is not fair to the next student to run into his/her time.  Lesson time missed on account of tardiness will not be made up.  I will continue to do MY best to stay on schedule, and if you notice I am failing a little at that, please tell me and I will improve!



  • Students will be given a make-up lesson for reasons of illness or family emergency. However, no make-ups will be given without adequate notification (although it is understood that some situations cannot be controlled.)
  • On the rare occasion that I must miss a lesson, I will try to make it up at a time suitable to you.
  • If you know you are going to miss a lesson ask me about swapping your lesson time with another family. I know everyone at some point needs to do this, so families are pretty accommodating to one another.



  • Please help your child establish and maintain a regular practice routine into the family schedule.  I believe THIS IS KEY to growth at the piano.
  • Please listen to at least 2 practice times a week and feel free to observe any of your child’s lessons…I welcome you!



  • Practicing is the key to achievement! Playing the piano is a physical and mental challenge, much like playing a sport, and daily practice is essential.
  • You must keep your fingernails short to learn proper piano technique.
  • You will need to bring a designated “piano notebook” to lessons. You will be held responsible for the assignments given in each week, and should consult the notebook while practicing.



  • Students must always bring the correct books to their lessons. Double check at home to ensure you have everything!  If you are given a weekly-theory assignment it must be completed and returned.
  • When it becomes necessary to purchase new music I will always be clear with what book(s) I want you to order. Due to high number of music stores closing, the only local stores I can recommend are Richards Music and Craig’s Keyboards, both in Toledo.  The Internet is still my favorite source for ordering music – talk to me if you need help determining which site to use.
  • A well-tuned and maintained piano is a student’s best friend. Three piano technicians I highly recommend are Mike Fisher, the piano technician at BGSU (419-372-2288), John Bailey from Pemberville (419-287-4848) and Clark Sprague (419-352-2198).  All are EXCELLENT and their prices are very fair.



  • Luke Bartolomeo, a good friend of mine and professional piano teacher in Chicago, has created two apps that help students learn notes on the staff and spell scales. I HIGHLY recommend them, so please check them out at “” and “”. “” is also a fabulous site for extra help.



  • August 21: First day of Quarter #1
    • Monday, September 4, No Lessons (Labor Day)


  • October 30: First day of Quarter #2
    • 20-Nov. 24, No lessons (Thanksgiving Break, although Monday students will receive their Labor Day make up on Nov. 20)
    • December 9: Winter Recital
    • 22-Jan. 4, No Lessons (Christmas Break)


  • January 29: First day of Quarter #3
    • March 26-March 30, No Lessons (Spring Break)


  • April 16: First day of Quarter #4
    • Monday, May 28, No Lessons (Memorial Day) Students will receive a make up at the end of the session
    • Spring Recital date will be announced in early 2017